Mental Health Counselor and Therapist in Boulder Kathleen LeRoy, M.Ed., LPC

Along the Path Psychotherapy Service of Boulder offers counseling for adults and couples. I work to support and empower individuals by focusing on nurturing the mind, body and spirit. With help from a mental health counselor you can begin to gain insight about yourself, transform areas of your life that once baffled you, and develop solutions that are right for you so you can thrive and be the best version of yourself.

As a trained and experienced therapist I facilitate this change through systems focused experiential modalities such as integrative, cognitive, strength-based, relational, trauma integration and somatic therapies.  These  methods of healing involve looking at the dynamics, processes, and relationships between the parts within a whole context to discover where things have gotten entangled. I provide face to face counseling in Boulder, Colorado as well as video counseling to people from anywhere.

The following are some of the possible results of working with me:

  • Successfully Handling Life Transitions
  • Reducing Anxiety and Worry
  • Prosperity in Relationships
  • Creating Mood Stability and Overcoming Depression
  • Increased Mindfulness
  • Healing from Trauma, PTSD, Abuse
  • Thriving as an Young Adult (friends, school, and family)
  • Processing Grief and Loss
  • Connecting Spiritually
  • Overcoming Co-dependency and Learning to Set Healthy Boundaries
  • Reconnecting Couples
  • Healing Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families
  • Staying Healthy as a Spouse, Partner, Family Member or Friend of Alcoholics and Addicts
  • Making Workplace Transitions
  • Finding Peace of Mind
  • Increasing Self Confidence and the Capacity to Handle any Challenge
  • Finding Meaning and Purpose
  • Awakening to the True Self
  • Becoming an Effective Communicator
  • Creating Life Balance
  • Being More Comfortable Socially
  • Having Healthy Boundaries in Relationship
  • Resolving Childhood Trauma
  • Healing Spiritual Trauma

To learn more about me as a psychotherapist, please watch the video below.  Have questions, please contact me for a free phone consultation 720-504-8172.