Boulder Therapist Kathleen LeRoy, M.Ed., LPC

Video Counseling Available

Along the Path Psychotherapy services of Boulder offers counseling for adults, couples and adolescents. I work to support and empower individuals by focusing on nurturing the mind, body and spirit. With help from a counselor you can begin to gain insight about yourself, transform areas of your life that once baffled you, and develop solutions that are right for you so you can thrive.

I facilitate this change through systems focused experiential modalities such as body-centered psychotherapy, trauma integration, expressive arts, and methods of healing which involves looking at the dynamics, processes, and relationships between the parts within a whole context to discover where things have gotten entangled. I provide face to face counseling in Boulder, Colorado as well as video counseling to people from anywhere.

The following are some of the issues served by my work:

  • Successfully Handling Life Transitions
  • Reducing Anxiety and Worry
  • Prosperity in Your Relationships
  • Creating Mood Stability and Overcoming Depression
  • Healing from Trauma, PTSD, Abuse
  • Thriving as an Adolescent (friends, school, and family)
  • Processing Grief and Loss
  • Connecting Spiritually
  • Overcoming Co-dependency and Learning to Set Healthy Boundaries
  • Helping Reconnect Couples
  • Healing Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families
  • Staying Healthy as a Spouse, Partner, Family Member or Friend of Alcoholics and Addicts
  • Making Workplace Transitions

To learn more about me, please watch the video below.  Have questions, please contact me for a free phone consultation 720-504-8172.


As a Denver Public School Teacher, I was able to receive 5 free sessions of therapy and I chose Kathleen. She was absolutely wonderful. She helped me through a challenging transition in my life. She has some amazing tools to help people understand themselves and improve relationships. I highly recommend her!