Kathleen LeRoy, Mental Heath Counselor and Therapist

Hi, I’m Kathleen LeRoy, and I am honored to do the work I do. Being a human being, finding our way can be quite a challenge and often seem too overwhelming to handle on our own. Fortunately we have one another to help us to grow, to learn what we need to learn and to keep us company along the way. Sometimes it takes being with a skilled guide in a safe place to allow us to heal.

Many times in my life I thought I was on the right path accomplishing all the things in life that I thought were supposed to happen. Then one day I woke up to what seemed like a dead end. The choices I had made brought me somewhere that didn’t seem to fit me at all. With the support of some amazing fellow companions and exceptional professional help I have had the opportunity to break down the structures I built and were not working for me, become aware of the patterns that had been running my life and clear enough programming to get a sense of a vision for what I am and what is my purpose is on this planet. Along the way I discovered that part of my purpose is to serve in the way of helping others live their lives more authentically.

Although challenges can surface everyday we can have a compass, a set of principles to live by that are truly our own. Please consider me being a part of your support system to help you grow, gain personal freedom and find aliveness on your own path. Give me a call and we will see if it’s a good fit, 720-504-8172.

  • M. Ed. Mental Health Counseling, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida 2000
  • LMHC, State of Florida in 2005
  • LPC, State of Colorado 2016