Relationships are vital to our time and experience here and most of us want to have successful partnership. However, relationships are complex and we can feel like we are alone even though we are coupled with another.  Our best thinking often times defaults to a the strategy of blame and judgement, leading to the conviction that  the other person needs to change and be more like we want them to be.  As a relationship therapist I can assure you that is not the answer.  Primary relationships are here to help us discover ourselves more deeply and to learn how to truly give and love.  Whatever is happening in the relationship it is an opportunity to learn and grow individually and as a couple.

Maybe your relationship is stressful, or the two of you are always seeing what the other is doing “wrong” and how they should change.  Perhaps there is no emotional or physical intimacy in your relationship.  Or, your relationship is doing well but you know life is going to present challenges and you want to make sure you and your partner are on the same team and on your best footing.  Possibly you are just getting started in a relationship and things haven’t gone so well in the past and you want to make sure you all have a chance.  Or, maybe your relationship is ending and you want to do it in a conscious loving and healing way. If you can relate to these relationship issues or have others, I can help.

In our work together we will repair and rebuild what may have broken down in the relationship.  Explore one another to learn about and appreciate each other in a deeper way and how the deeper parts of ourselves may be impacting the relationship in our challenging interactions. Learn and practice communication skills. Identify needed boundaries in the relationship and begin to practice them. Increase the emotional intimacy that can lead to more physical intimacy.  Move from playing against each other to being on the same team so life can be more enjoyable and challenges can be more easily overcome as a couple.

Give me a call and we will see if it’s a good fit, 720-504-8172.  In office or online video counseling available.

My husband and I are so happy we found Kathleen. I was never a fan of therapy but I absolutely love Kathleen. She’s really helped us work through some things. The office is a nice comfy atmosphere and welcoming.