Being a human being is complex and much of the time quite challenging. If we don’t fully have ourselves the world and life can become overwhelming and too much. The basis of self confidence and self worth lies in the relationship we have with ourselves.  Unfortunately, many of us did not get the guidance and support we needed to develop that self relationship and ensure a feeling of self trust.  Or we got what we needed in some areas of our lives but not others.  We will work together to help you turn your self relationship from echos of a critical tyrant to a loving, supportive and wise guide that you can access anytime in all areas of your life.

If you are hoping to improve your quality of life and to have freedom from unnecessary emotional stress or you are just barely holding on and can’t find reasons to get out of bed, I can help.  You matter and you are worth having and living a contented and successful life. With individual psychotherapy I will help you to become the best version of yourself.

Maybe you are a college student looking for your meaning and purpose or trying to feel more comfortable in social situations. Possibly you are struggling with your relationships with friends, partners, family members or work fellows.  Or, you are having difficulty taking care of yourself, staying with yourself and having healthy boundaries in relationship. Or. possibly you are a leader in your career or field and realizing you could improve on your communication skills and lead from a more authentic place.  Maybe you are a parent afraid and unsure about how to support your children in a world that is seemingly impossible to navigate and the relationship with them is stressed and getting worse. Or perhaps you are grieving from the loss of a loved one or a relationship.  It may be that you are later in life and you feel lonely and regretful about how things have unfolded and are wanting to build more connection and have a sense of purpose.  These are just a few of the kinds of people I have helped and I can help you too.

My goal in our individual psychotherapy time together will be to heal what you are hoping to find relief from. Deconstruct old beliefs and replace them with the Truth and new ones. Unravel and heal pain caught in the nervous system. Resolve any childhood trauma.  Empower the Self and let go of what no longer serves you within yourself and in the world around you. Learn healthy coping skills.  Improve relationships. Develop a sense of safety and security. Find your meaning and purpose in life. Feel more comfortable socially.  Navigate a transition or gain clarity about your career.  And be your own best friend!

Give me a call and we will see if it’s a good fit, 720-504-8172.  In office or online video counseling available.

As a Denver Public School Teacher, I was able to receive 5 free sessions of therapy and I chose Kathleen. She was absolutely wonderful. She helped me through a challenging transition in my life. She has some amazing tools to help people understand themselves and improve relationships. I highly recommend her!